East Central Region of the Missionary Church

Youth Ministries

The regional Youth Ministries Committee continues to provide events based on a “winning, building, and equipping” strategy, with a focus on developing teen leadership. We welcome teens from the churches in our region to participate in the various events scheduled throughout the year.

- Jeff Gerig, Director

Keeping the Faith
Keeping the Faith is an event to encourage teens in grades 9 through 12 to own and safe guard their faith.   A speaker is brought in to challenge them in this area of their life.  It is held at Ludlow Falls Camp.

Journey Youth Camp
Journey is held at Ludlow Falls Camp during Camp Meeting.  Promotional materials are usually posted in May.  

This is a great opportunity for youth to study and learn God’s Word while enjoying the fellowship of other teens mixed in with some friendly competition. The quiz season begins in October.  Contact the Regional Office for information.

Official statement (May 2014): 
After extensive discussion on multiple occasions, the quiz committee has voted to adopt the NIV 2011 as the translation for the quiz year 2014-2015.  The NIV 2011 offers improved readability over other options considered, making it easier to understand and remember.  The committee recognizes that not everyone will be pleased with this decision.  Serious consideration was given to other options as well as concerns about the NIV 2011.  Please feel free to contact any member of the quiz committee should you wish to discuss this decision further. 
- Allen Heindel


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